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05/03/2024 Fuse

Hey so I have not made a post in a while and wanted to give an update. This is not the official post for the final version of my capstone just yet. That will be next Friday so yay! This is just about Bradley Fuse which was the event that my film was shown at and it was a lot of fun. The funny story about fuse is that before the event I spent 9 hours making stickers for my class mates short films so that was kind of funny. Over all the event was fun and a good chunk of my family showed up to it. I am happy how the film turned out and hope to soon submit it into festivals and continue my job hunt.

Anyways keep your eye out next friday for the offical capstone post online and have a nice rest of the day! (Do not have a duck of the week ready so will add it later)

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