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09/19/2023 the new post day

Due to a miss understanding with the assignment associated with posting I am changing my posting day to Mondays.

With that being said I really don't have much to show for this post since Wednesday, although that might be due to laziness as well.

I do have some reference videos, but I want to go through them and also build my confidence a bit before I show those off.

For story beats I think I have an idea for them throughout. Here are the feelings.

city to room - mundane and tired. MC (main character) commute back and hanging out in room. This leads to the planning and leaving stage. pinks and purples

space will be an in between for emotions, slowly losing the more stuck feeling and adding a feeling of adventure and calmness mores so lots of colors just to contrast space, but I might try to make it dull to brighter but we'll see

things that will happen during this sequence.

-the tunnel is the first stop. It will startle the character to show how they are a bit on edge

-the character might daze of as a slow the setting will subtly switch to first person or a memory of when the character was younger and first visited the place (making a note about this below.) they will be honked at to snap out of it

- the ferry

the park is going to be slow and long shots conveying calmness. I do wand dull purple and red for the trees and the roots, but since it might be more calm colors such as blue and green I might want to reconsider

I think I want to take out the expression shot as the end. The first person shot will be changed to an over the shoulder.

basically I am confident with the storyboards made. I did subtract the scenes I do not want and although I am planning on adding some, I am not making that a focus until I cross that bridge or it is a bit clear in my head. I want to work on setting things up and getting the vibe when working with it.

the note I am considering to do is tie the past so a young MC to the recent one. An idea of old times and new freedom. Caught up in life and the realization that one can just go on an adventure with out permission.

also another reason I am settling with the story beats I have current have is because I realized that I can't at this moment motivate myself to do something I don't want to do. I have just been feeling off and the the need for the story to be worked out makes me feel a bit stuck. I want to move forward which I recognize might bite me but I decided to work on a different task until ready.

Still want to do an update on the expressions animation (I have a free day tomorrow) and still have to shot some reference shots as well as review. I want to get a small layout for the city ( I have a general idea that the blocks will be circular, but want to work on the making the background for those shots not feel thrown together (might do mock ups with perspective in mind for the train opening shot).

assets and designs I need are the ext for the city, int for the shuttle, final map for the park (like the one I currently got, but remove some of the islands so less clutter, and a bit more planet concepts.

I do want to start rough animations though soon because I feel too caught up in planning and just don't want to think about anything.

last duck of the week.

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