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01/03/2024 Holidays are over and I am tired

Updated: Jan 17

Hello everyone! Quick update and planning stuff. So I have all drawn animation for the parts in space done (Yay!). I still have some small editing stuff for consistency and good flow to return too. Also small details I hope to add to one small scene for a bit more life to it (these will be things I add at the end or if I need a small break from what I am working on).

Started working on the room sequence and hope to finish it by break. Stretch goals would also be to start to work on the end sequence, but we'll see.

This one shot took longer then I thought it would be and I am kind of annoyed with it because of that.

Also another cool small thing I made to help organize these series of shots is a blue print to get an idea of space.

In all I want to get most of the animation done so I can work on editing and shot flow. I do need to hunker down and start thinking of the sound of my film, but for now I want to keep moving forward with animation.

On another note, I feel like I am doing a lot wrong. I know what I want and how to do that, but I feel I still am not doing it right. I guess I got to fake it till I make it in a way. Have a nice rest of the day, And Duck of the week.

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