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01/17/2024 and I lost motivation

So classes have started again and I am already tired and don't want to work on anything. So my progress is not as much as the last one. I was mainly adjusting some things to make them look better, but I was able to work on some scenes.

Upon reflection, I am not as far work wise and looking for jobs as I would have liked. Focusing on the animation side of things I wanted to at least be working on the end sequence so I have more time for small details and making sure things look constant. I am still on the room, and there are some things I have to think about in regards to that. I might want to review the boards and see if I need to cut some stuff/ adjust. I might take a break from that stress and work on one of the bus parts to finish that scene. Another option if I do not want to animate, I might just work on the backgrounds for those scenes since they are stagnate.

Hopefully I'll have more to show later.

In all have a nice day and Duck of the week

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