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01/23/2024 different boat still sinking

Updated: Feb 27

So I still have a bit of animation to do, but I am a lot closer then I originally was. I want to finish the animation soon so I can work on the details and consistency of scenes. I will admit I need to start combing through audio, but I guess I am hesitant. Maybe when I am done with animation and have to put things together maybe I'll be forced to confront it.

Anyways Animation is going smoothly but after watching what I got, I was given a heads up I need to sell it a bit more. I definitely agree with that, but one of my fears is that everything feels too choppy. I might need better transitions, but I have time to figure that out and what not. This decision is also dependent on seeing things all put together.

Motivation is still down but if I keep slowly chipping away I am predicting that I will be done with the room scene by the end of the month (hopefully sooner) giving me February to work and finish the animation for the final scene.

Once I am done I'll hopefully take a break and start collecting sound then revisit every scene (testing both separately and all together) to check for mistakes, flow, and overall consistency. when I am satisfied with the looks there I am going to render everything as png sequences from after effects and start moving them to premier for final editing and color look (this also might be where I work on transitions a bit better. On a side step when I am ratified with timing I am going to take that pass and put it in auditions for the audio.

so yeah over all plan. For smaller goals I am either going to work on a scene in the room or detail of how to hint more for the end.

to conclude here is an updated scene I am proud of

Any ways have a nice day and heres the duck of the week

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