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02/12/2024 I don't want to work in all honesty

Updated: Feb 27

When I am done with animation stuff I feel will be a bit easier, but since I am not done with and both my willingness to work and my pace to do so is down I am becoming a bit nervous. The two shots I am feeling lazy about is the last shot for the room and the shuttle landing. Well more so the shuttle landing because I have to do a practice shot for that. All the shots on the planet will be complicated, but a lot of trial and errors (scary and fun).

On things I finished, I worked on the character passing the calendar since that was an easier shot, but I am not sure if I care for it yet so I am taking a break from that.

To revise my plan of when things are to be done I hope I finish all my animation at most at the end of spring break. Sooner is always better though. I am not up for sharing what I made so far so this post is not as flashy and a bit repetitive unlike my others, but that is the way it is sometimes.

Well wish me luck

Have a nice rest of the day and Duck of the week

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