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02/15/2023 the start of Concept art

Hello, Hello

Its that time of the week again for a post. I started today with concept art. I have to make a mood board eventually, but not the best at that so I am going to focus on the concept art. I have other homework too, but I will focus on that tomorrow .

The goal of the concept art for me is to get the vibe of the layout. Its an alien road trip and that brings a lot of space aspects. The fun thing is if I choose to be I don't have to be stuck on a planet. Overall I am trying to get the general layout/idea before I zoom in on more specific backgrounds.

The first concept is more of a planet vibe. the second is more of a free forming space environment. In general there is the city which I think I will have in pinks and purples with darker colors, and the nature side with greens and blues. Albeit for the more natural environment I want to play with the colors. I do like the vibe I have been doing, but I want it even more stranger. Even on Earth there is cool places that almost seem otherworldly and I want more of that vibe. Not that what I created is bad since it is more of a starting point and trying to get a general idea for a back ground, but I feel it could be better.

More planet based.

More space random based

I also started on character design. I want a lot of options. Again trying to capture an alien feel, but also similar enough to get a travel idea. I do recognize they are all a bit too humanoid thus I should mess with shapes a bit more. The no Humanoid ones just don't fit yet though. I will be making more designs and mixing and match until I find one I like. Also for clothes I do want space designs, but not enough are spacey travel designs.

Last but not least the Duck of the Week

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