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08/30/2023 Guess who's back

Hello again,

I took a long break due to getting busy with other things and being tired. The big thing to note that is different now is that I kind of made a schedule to help me focus on what to do.

Right now I am working on creating reference material for stuff associated with my film (I have not scrapped the original idea just yet, but do intend to make slight adjustments to the pacing and story boards.) I am currently using Cinema 4d to make 3d models to help with ideas of space and reference for certain parts. We'll see if I decide to use it more out side of that. Now for the more fun part stuff I have worked on in the past couple of days.

Here is a reference guide for the ship, I might add some stuff to it later to make it more finalized.

this is a cinema 4d model to use as a bit more in-depth reference for shape for different shots. I also slightly animated it as a test to try and convey movement with it, but did not include that. I am currently debating if I want shots with the ship and/or in space to be 3d, but for now this is mainly reference material.

This is the idea for the room and the space of it. It is small and plain, but I want it to be like that to give an idea of boring normal life. I also did a test animation with this, but to see how I want the bed to fold out for later.

This is some of the stuff I worked on, I am saving other concepts for when I have more of that specific area done so you can see the thought process. Also, as slightly mentioned, I am debating to maybe add some 3d elements. for now though I am using 3d as reference material for different shots and angles.

Last but not least, Duck of the week.

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