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09/13/2023 I am tired too soon

Hello, I have been focusing on the backgrounds still and trying to get a story a bit more solid.

For example regard this mess where I was trying to understand my thoughts.

Outside of the messy hand writing the goal was to figure out what I wanted to say during the journey. For the start I want it to feel stuck, restless, and trapped at the end more free but also clear. To get to that point things just happened.

One of the themes I might mess around with would be the idea of revisiting and redoing a trip that the main character took when they where younger, but now older and doing it by themselves. Still working on the vibe, but not going to lie i have been avoiding it a bit.

I have been less working on the backgrounds, but more the aspects of the background. here are some ideas that I am considering, but not committed to.



above view idea for the park

last but not least an expression test. ( I might update it to look nicer and actually use reference material this time. I mean one of my goals for next week is to have reference photos and videos for the action.)

Have a nice day!!

and duck of the week

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