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09/25/2023 new motivation

To start I have been a bit tired and I got a rush of energy and motivation so hopefully I will be more able to do more consist progress.

Okay starting to feel the story a bit more. It was mentioned maybe instead of having the character drive instead have them get on a bus or something. So I decided to update the trip to a bus trip cause I like the idea of the character watching out the window.

I feel it highlights the trip rather than the driving and works better as a transition.

So I updated the travel part of the story boards and designed the bus. I also redid the expressions.

Here is updated story boards and bus design.

(annoyingly I drew it with a phone even though I decided it would be a hologram on a watch. Ignore 13)

Also a test shot/ rough animation with the main reason I want to change it to a bus.

how the background moves I don't care for yet so I have to do more test.

Goal for next week, more test shots/ rough animation and possibly start looking into sounds. that is a possibility because I do have put some time to start working own a midterm for another class.

anyways duck of the week.

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