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10/09/2023 I'll do it tomorrow

So I am continuing to work on test shots. Will talk about those later in this.

I did color in the background characters and create a palette. I tested them with the background for the interior of the since most of them will be there. I also probably will make more later when I am done with the interior of the bus and the park (especially with the park since I might make those characters colors fit in more with that settings colors so the main character stands out in that environment). The bus I might use some of these designs if not I will also adjust their palette to fit the background.

The one in the orange vest is the bus driver, but If I do different characters for the bus I might change that ones color palette, but for now at least this is the color palette and characters for the city environment.

For the test shots I worked on some that were a bit more simple. I know I should set aside time to try a harder shot, but I will make an argument that with midterms I was not able to do as hard of stuff.

Tran pass by shot 1 (3d for space idea also easier then trying to do this in 2d. random fun note I did do a test of this when I was in the concept stage in 2d. It is a bit awkward and colors no longer match for what I am going for).

Sudden stop in the bus (not sure if I care for the movement and might make another test of this shot later)

Tablet hologram test shot (no comments easy shot and don't mind how it turned out)

Planning on doing at least 3 more shots by next Monday and the interior for the bus, both layout and color platte.

In the end have a nice day and Duck of the week

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