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10/24/2023 Time Management?

Well for a simple post I really put this off till later. I think I was a bit short of my goals and although I would like to say it was life it was really myself getting in the way.

I created some background guides (just need to make a unified guide for the city which might be the hardest) and did work on some additional shots. It would have been nice to do an updated animatic, but I think Ill be fine for now. I might make one later to help figure out audio, but I plan to do some additional test shot for scenes with more movement and layout. I also might start working or final backgrounds and assets.

Maybe even a polished animation shot. Well see, I just have to bunker down more and work on making progress.

Now the progress

here are 2 test shots

room shrinking test shot

- decided to do this in 3d because better idea of space. it is supposed to be a bit more subtle, which makes me think either the shrink should be less or it overall should be slower.

1st person walk

I updated how the trees and ground should look. This is a test and I think it works I will admit though I need the leaves to be a bit higher and ground lower to get the angle better since every thing feels to close to the ground. That was not the test, It was more so if I could get the feeling of passing something with 3d layer ability in after effects.

I am happy with how it turned out.

Will edit the angle when I do more of a deep dive into this scene. I might need to shot or find reference.

Guide sheets

(in the photoshop file of this one I made note of the brushes used.)

Welp that is it for this week.

have a nice rest of the day and duck of the week.

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