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10/31/2023 Happy Halloween!!

Hello hello,

I don't have a lot but something cool (or at least I think it is cool)

I started working on actual assets. For 2 shots I am thinking of using 2 1/5 d for a cool effect. My computer is going to hate me, but it is fine. Here is the progress for an actual shot (this is just to show how it works in space the camera is not set up properly nor are all assets created for the shot).

next steps - as much as I want to run with this I do have to step back. I will continue to work on it, but I don't want to have this as my first finished shot and then heavily adjust it later. I think I need 2 more test animations and finishing on the colors and design guide for the city so that will hopefully be my focus this week. Reach goal, distinguishing background characters more for the environments they will be in and starting to do lay outs for the backgrounds.

Fun Halloween animation with main character.

And last but not least duck of the week

Have a nice rest of the day and Happy Halloween!!!

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