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11/07/2023 Starting to animate (backgrounds)

Hello, so the first scene I decided to animate is in the train. There are three parts to it and since i did not want to break out my drawling tablet I decided to work on the background for the first part.

To do so I needed to finish my style guide for the city since it is seen in the background of the shot. Here is the reference for it. This is important because I think there might be about two more scenes that use it.

Once I finished that I built the back ground. Here is the starting shot from the story boards and the original test shot.

The reason I have these is to draw comparison. I changed the angle of the shot to make it more dynamic instead of flat. I am also trying to read the space a bit better and using a little 2 and a half d for the shot.

I will add the characters (main and background) to the shot next. I have more plans for editing the piece (such as adding a wobbling effect to get the idea of more subtle movement), but I will wait until the over all end so I do not get caught up on the shot. Also so it does not become to stylized outside of the overall project.

Goal for next week: working on this inside train animation, if have time moving to the room shots since those are simpler in terms of backgrounds. Something to note with the room shots is that I have to do some smaller designs such as a wall tablet and fake social media post.

Will create more test shots if I feel they are needed, but trying to work on final animation now.

Another test shot

Last but not least duck of the week (a bit different) have a nice rest of the day

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