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11/21/2023 pushing the easy stuff to the deadline

So instead of ripping the bandaid of for this post and getting decent sleep I slowly peeled it away. I have been working on smaller shots that are part of shorter scenes. I started with the train and was able to make animation I was proud of for those.

I wouldn't say I am done with that just yet because for some reason with those 3 shots I concluded that the very first shot of the film (train zooming by) is part of them. I say this mainly because my plan for addtional color correction/munipulation will be simular for the interior of the train and that 1st shot. In premiere I have been messing around with this but not commiting to any thing.


After these early scenes with the train I am planning on working on the space travel part. That might have a big 2.5 D. progress wise after space I plan on working on the parts where the character is in their room and end with the character being in nature.

the other shot I worked on was in space, the traffic shot. (not going to lie even though I am happy with it I feel that it will stick out abit as an ackward shot. Not planning on cutting it just yet and will make that desicion at the editing stage).

origanlly I was thinking of it to be a still shot but then decided to give slight movement. I also exagerated it a bit more by puting the assets in 2.5 D (this is demonstrated below).

goals: I think I want to take a break from animation and revisit the animatic to start narrowing down sounds. I have Ideas for background music, but I might also start needed to elimanate some and figure that out too. If I did work on animation it will be the one in the bus with the bus driver asking for tickets (although have to make new scetch and nail down the layout for that). Another thing I might try and tackle moving forward is the opening train scene I mentioned.

In all, I am tired. Have a nice day and

Duck of the week

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