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12/13/2023 Getting there

Hello, finishing up finals and what not. I was able to do the animations I said I would, but I still don't like the traffic one. I might have to look at that one a bit more, but I think I am going to take a break from it and revisit when I am stuck on something else. Also for one of them I am thinking of making crude walk cycles for back ground charaters so it feels less empty.

Here is an example of something I 'completed' (still might revisit and adjust colors and what not)

I like how this looks. Although I am getting slightly concerned with line with for the line art, but I plan on reviewing and deteriming that issue later.

winter break I am planning on takling the bus scenes first and then going to the room. For the room scenes there is still stuff I have to design and I might rework the background and have a little more in it then I originally planned. The final scenes I am planning on working last, but also not to concerned because I made all (I think) of the resorces need to stay consistant.

So far I like how everything is turning out. Have a nice rest of the day and

Duck of the week

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