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12/21/2023 The Holiday Post

Happy Holidays! I am not going to show off too much this time round but I plan on saying some issues I ran into. To start the watch, the main character has a watch that creates holograms. When I was almost done with a long shot I realized that the watch switches arms in different shots and had to back track a bit for continuity. It was a bit annoying because one of the shots I had to double edit since it was correct originally and I made it incorrect so I had to correct it back.

All in all probably an hour of back tracking since small detail so not to much work needed. On tracking time this week I hit a hundred hours of working on this project so yay.

Last but not least I have to talk about this shot.

This is my longest shot (the example above is only a portion of it as a test) so far an it crashed my computer in after effects 3 time so I realized I can not work on it more then an hour and a half and after give my computer a break. I made some of the assets for it badly and did a bit to much experimentation which makes it a bit of a monster.

Also yeah I am aware in this test the background is going the wrong way and had already fixed it.

I have about a few more things I want to add to it sadly and hope to have it ready to render so I can let it render into pngs (planning on rendering everything into pngs so there is more accuracy to the image and do color correction and add the final sound in premiere) when I have a busy day. This small clip did not take too much time to render, but we'll see for it as a whole.

In all making good time for the travel scenes and the next sequence I am thinking trying to tackle is the room. We'll see if I work on the two the shuttle parts along side these shots, but I might put them off because I do not have as much of a vision with those yet.

In all

And last but not least the Duck of the Week

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