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2/8/2023 the possible Idea

Recently I have been trying to come up with an Idea. I created an initial list with possible stories based on my old characters, but those did not stick. I like doing a lot of mini side projects so for some reason when coming to terms with this project I felt it has to stand out. Albeit I can't wait forever, but recently I have had an Idea that I might pursue .

I don't want this project to be to simple and based in the real world, I want it to be partially different. A dream like mundane. I was thinking I want it to have a city in it. Originally I was considering it to kind of have the vibe of Kiki's Delivery Service, but I kind of want it to be more so alien. I was thinking of having it take place on a different planet with different alien species. I also kind of want it to be colorful.

Currently the idea is that this character works in the city and goes on a weekend trip to an alien national park. In all honesty this road trip esc Idea is partially inspired by the current Fuse theme (Fuse is a combination of interactive media experiences) and myself feeling a bit restless and trapped by my own current environment . The Idea would be more so around the journey and the interesting backgrounds I can create. I would probably want the first 30 to a minute to be in the city to establish the character, their life, and the excitement for the trip. After that it would be a travel montage with 3 possible mini clips for fun from the city to more of pain esc area. each of those scenes probably 15 secs max. I kind of want to do a passport check, but we'll see if that makes sense in terms of everything else. The next part would be more quiet and nature environment that the character can take in. It would end with them buying a post card.

Well see if I stick with that idea. I might come up with something I like more, or it itself might prove to be too much. As much as I like animating a character I do want to branch out a bit and create interesting backgrounds. This also would be a bit different then other stuff I have done which would be exciting. I just love when there is a mix of the mundane and the unique though so vibes are probably similar to other stuff I have worked on.

In all I am scared because it still the beginning and within a year I will hopefully have enough done were I'll look back and it will all seem weird.

But for now really basic Idea sketch

Also Duck of the Week and Have a nice day

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