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I got nothing 11/30/2023

Shold not make excuses that I don' have much progress to show so I will share may goals and vent a bit. (I brought this upon myself since I now have my switch as school so AHHHHHH). Well a little excuce I do have finals coming up so I have to concider that and what not.

quick vent my mouses right hand click is not being reconized so for now in order to use it I have to use the track pad if I want to right click. Annoying for putting stuff together in after effects, but something to ask for Christmas or my birthday since thats close.

Okay back to reality, planning on trying to finishish 3 scenes by the end of this semester and narrow down some of the music I chose to otherday to figure out the vibe. Also maybe as a reach make a list of the possible audios I feel are important for a scene.

Any ways the scenes I want to work on are (yeah I already posted about them but I'll explain).

So I feel that this scene is in a simular vien to the ones I have been working on so that's why I want to try and knock it out. Also I have established the style of the city so it should be a comfortable enough to do. the hard part will probally be the turn

easy/not so easy fix since I just have to stagnate the traffic more. The annoying part comes from my mouse that is kind of deciding to not work.

This one has a bit more editing with lay out, but would also be cool to knock out. This one or..

This one since it does also take place in the city.

Inall I am animating

So good night have and awesome day

and duck of the week

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