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The not so strong restart

Last week I returned to this project, but since last Wednesday, upon reflection, I did not do so much. my goal is to hit it hard this weekend due to other home work and what not. I will try and fit time today and tomorrow to work on playing a bit of catch up based on my planned schedule but at this point it is only talk.

My goal for my next mile stone is to finish up background layouts and designs, do an expression test with the character, and try and get all my plot points down.

Strengthening the story is what I am a bit nervous about, so as a practice I might try and write it down as a 3 page short story to help out with the stuff and emotional beats I want to play.

For backgrounds I do recognize I have been working on the city part layout a bit to much so I might want to get a more planned out map for the trip and a basic one for the park. Outside of that I probably want to get color palettes figured out.

Last the expressions test, that should not be too hard, but those are famous last words.

Stuff I have been working on (mainly city planing out stuff, I do have a character design sheet, but I'll post that when I finish the expression test, so hopefully next week)

For these I was trying to work with basic shapes for the buildings had have the road/ train weave between. Buildings are up and down

3 possible designs for buildings in the background

Anyways, see you next week. Hopefully I will be more on track and hit goals I said I would, but in all wish me luck.

duck of the week and have a nice day

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